Patterned Lamp Shades


      Patterned Lampshades

      Looking for a lampshade that makes a statement? Patterned lampshades are the way to go! These eye-catching shades come in all sorts of colors and designs, so you're sure to find one that adds a spark of excitement to a room.

      When you combine a lampshade’s practical functionality with a one-of-a-kind pattern, rooms light up with personality. So if you're looking for a way to add some pizzazz to your space, Lux has a curated selection of patterned lampshades to choose from, including custom patterned lampshades made using Spoonflower fabrics. There’s no shortage of options for creating beautifully patterned lampshade accents throughout your home!

      Open Up a Room’s Potential With Patterned Lampshades

      While solid-color lampshades may look great in some spaces, they may make other rooms feel stagnant and flat. By adorning rooms with a patterned shade, you open the door to exciting possibilities. For instance, a patterned shade can inspire a room’s overall color scheme, theme, or mood. The shade’s design flourishes, repeating patterns, or art style can become a source of inspiration.

      No matter how modest or flamboyant your style is, the perfect patterned shade is waiting for you in our collection. From designs influenced by nature and the seasons to patterns with an artistic flair, we have patterned lampshades that match every interior design preference.

      Where Great Patterns Meet Great Style

      Not only will you find quality pattered shades at Lux, but you’ll also find several different lampshade styles to choose from. After all, the same pattern achieves different lighting effects when paired with lampshades of different shapes and styles.

      Could your living room use more light at floor level? Patterned lampshades on coolie lamps direct light down and around. Choose a patterned design on a square or rectangle lampshade for a more balanced spread of light. You can place the lamp in a room that needs more ambient light that creates a mood. The light’s soft glow can show off the shade’s pattern in a way that lends the space an easy, airy feeling.

      Although our lampshade patterns look great on floor or table lamps, they also elevate other lighting fixtures. For example, top sconces with a pattered shade give hallways and entryways texture. Patterned chandelier shades can become anchor pieces in dining rooms, kitchens, and foyers. You can use the shade pattern for inspiration to decide which materials to use throughout the room to balance the space and add dimension. 

      Patterned Lampshades Crafted to Perfection

      At Lux, we strive to provide homeowners and designers with patterned lampshades that look beautiful and heighten your interior design. We work with experienced, dedicated craftspeople who, like us, mind every detail and go to every length to “wow” you with a gorgeous lampshade. Our job isn’t done until we’ve surpassed your expectation. 

      Lux Lampshades is also committed to attention to detail. We believe every aspect of our shades and their patterns is too important to overlook. From the backings to the fittings, our patterned shades are of excellent quality. We know the most minor design touches have the most significant impact on how a room looks and feels.

      Breathing new life into a room is easy with patterned lampshades from Lux. With our generous selection of gorgeous lampshade patterns, you’ll unlock a room’s design potential in no time.