The Ultimate Guide to Custom Lampshades

Bored of those dime-a-dozen lampshades? While mass-produced shades don’t add something unique to your decor—they may, at times, not fit your practical needs either.

So, why not embrace the magic of custom lampshades? Designed by you—and crafted by Lux—these lampshades are innovative design solutions for your home. Keep reading for a comprehensive guide on custom lampshades and how you can design your own!

What are Custom Lampshades?

Unlike the ones readily available in the market, custom lampshades are made exactly according to your needs.

You get to choose the shape and size of the lampshade to complement your available space. The world of materials is also your oyster—you can select the ones you love (or leave it up to us). Our favorite part of customization is the colors and patterns. From bold prints to delicate florals, you can design your lampshade just as you prefer. And if you’re feeling a little sentimental, you can also have your favorite photos or quotes added.

Plus, your custom lampshade is tailored to your functional needs. Do you want a lampshade that diffuses light softly for a cozy corner—or a more concentrated beam of light for a reading nook? It all comes down to your personal preferences!

If you need help—or suggestions from the experts—while designing your lampshade, we’re  just a  message  away

How does Lux Lampshades Create Custom Lampshades?

Creating custom lampshades with Lux is a simple and fun process. Once you’ve brainstormed your ideas and decided what you want from the shade, you can complete the order in four simple steps. Let’s have a look at these:

Choose a Bottom Diameter

This is our favorite part! We believe letting our customers choose the bottom diameter of the lampshade is one of the easiest ways to allow them to customize their piece—without having to dive into too many details of measurements. To learn more about how to measure your lamp, watch  our  video  guide. 

Add Order Notes

In the order notes, you can add all the details relevant to your order. From your preferred fabric to the functionality you’re looking to achieve from the lamp, this can be any concern you have. It can also be a query about where you will position your lamp—for example, how to ensure seams remain hidden if the lamp is placed in the center of the room.

Upload Images

This is where you let your creative juices flow! You can upload images of what you’ve envisioned for your lampshade. Delicate florals, animal prints, swirling galaxies, vintage vibes or a simple solid piece… the list is vast when it comes to designing your lampshade. If not a photo, you can provide a sketch of what you want from your custom lampshade.

Order Your Shade

Finally, you can order your shade. The number of shades can be increased at the time of checkout.

Once the order is placed, Lux will reach out to you to confirm any details—and will then proceed to bring your vision to life.

Features of Lux Lampshade Customizations

With Lux lampshades, you can achieve the level of customization you want. We allow you to be as involved—or as hands-off—as you prefer. For example, you can fully customize your lampshade with details of colors, sizing, etc. Alternatively, you can opt for a semi-custom shade by simply adding Samuel and Son's trimmings to our existing designs.

In terms of structure, we offer options for custom hard-back and soft-back, including box pleat, gathered, and knife pleat shades.

Why Opt for Custom Lampshades?

There are plenty of reasons to design your own custom lampshades. For one, you get to craft a lampshade as unique as you are (they’re going to be great conversation starters!). You can also tell a story by adding personal elements, such as photos. Doing so also makes your lampshade an heirloom piece that can be passed down through generations.

When you design with your home’s existing decor in mind, your lampshade will perfectly enhance the existing design—and fit in like a missing piece. Additionally, investing in craftsmanship with Lux lampshades means you can create a piece that stands the test of time.

Final Words

A classic drum shade or a whimsical empire style? Your imagination is the limit! With our lampshades, you can express your personality in your home. This means creating a truly unique ambiance with lampshades tailored to your taste.

Before designing your own bespoke lampshade, you can surf through our collection  of  shades and see how different styles work for different rooms. Whether you’re looking for a little inspo—or a lampshade to purchase—we’ve got you covered.