Chandelier Shades


      Chandelier Shades

      Are you considering redecorating your home but wondering if you may be taking on more than you want to? Chandelier shades can be the perfect way to add a touch of refinement and personality to your space without going overboard. From silk and linen to printed fabric, our materials and designs help us provide chandelier shades that transform rooms and turn heads.

      Chandelier Shades With Luxury Craftsmanship

      We have the distinct advantage that comes with years of experience working with hospitality and interior designers. We understand that the role of a chandelier shade isn’t to overshadow a room with its grandiosity, but to draw a room together.

      While some lampshades are designed to throw light on something specific such as a piece of art, chandelier shades are designed to wash your room in a soft glow. These relatively smaller lampshades aren’t just for the living areas of your home. They can create a welcoming atmosphere even when placed in the foyer or along a corridor leading up to the rooms. 

      At Lux, we draw on our experience of working with designers to hand-select lampshades that exude elegance and style. We use paper, silk, linen, rafia, and other textured materials that add character and warmth to a chandelier shade. We are passionate about craftsmanship and believe that quality can be seen and felt. When you purchase a chandelier shade from Lux, you will see the light and the craftsmanship shine through. 

      Spark Conversation With Chandelier Shades

      We aren’t exaggerating when we say that thoughtfully designed, beautiful shades can create the perfect environment for conversations. Imagine yourself attending a party at a friend’s house. Do you notice how everyone seems to gravitate and gather under cozily-lit areas of the room? The diffused lighting that emanates from a chandelier is a perfect catalyst for relaxed conversations. This may be why you often see them used over dining tables — a place where your family and friends come together. 

      Not only does it create the perfect ambient lighting that encourages conversations, but chandelier shades themselves are often the subject of attention. Elegant, yet unobtrusive, chandelier shades, also known as “minis,” often draw gasps of admiration. From a design perspective, they often act as the centerpiece of a room and draw visual interest. 

      Chandelier Shades Suit Different Styles

      Whether your taste is earthy and rustic, modern and elegant, or eclectic and offbeat, our chandelier shades will meet your style. We design and craft lampshades that exude personality while simultaneously balancing a room. Inspired by history, vintage art, and nature, our chandelier shades come in various shapes and sizes. Overhead chandelier or wall sconce, hardback or softback, scalloped, bell, or drum; our styles will reflect yours. 

      Chandelier shades are a timeless decor accessory and one of the easiest ways to add grandiosity and romance to your home. From your living room, to the study, to the bedroom, chandelier shades add warmth to different kinds of spaces. 

      Are you already imagining your old light fixture dressed up with new chandelier shades? Let us know if you need help finding or creating a custom lamp shade that speaks to you.