Scalloped Lamp Shades


      Scalloped Lamp Shades

      What if you could bring the energy of the ocean into your house? What if you could reflect the inspiring motifs of nature into your personal space? 

      What if we told you that you can? 

      With its gentle roundness, a scalloped lamp shade not only mirrors the soft sway of waves but also adds a sense of timelessness to your interior design.

      At Lux, we offer scalloped lamp shades in a variety of high-end styles, fabrics, and finishings, including paper, silk, and linen. 

      If you have a specific custom lamp shade design in mind, we can also help you bring it to life. 

      The Revival of Curves

      Scallop-shaped design objects originally made their way into interior designs during the stylish Art Deco days of the 20s and 30s. Back then, the style wasn’t as soft as it is now, but the symmetrical, geometric, simple styles that characterized Art Deco made the scallop shape a natural fit for the era. 

      The flowy, balanced shape of a scalloped lamp shade makes it an excellent piece of home accent. The gentle form evokes images of the ocean, or it may remind you of the shapes of leaves, instantly putting you at ease. 

      It is no surprise then that the retro designs of scalloped lamp shades have resurged. The design perfectly balances whimsy and modernity with a classic structure. Once considered rare, scalloped edges now grace furniture and cushions in addition to lamp shades.

      Lamp Shades That Match Your Unique Style Perfectly

      If you appreciate simple, yet classic décor, prepare to fall in love with our scalloped hardback shades. Available in materials like seagrass and fabrics like raffia, the lampshades can work well for task lighting on the kitchen counter, ambient lighting in a living room corner, and general lighting on wall scones.

      No matter what fabric, style, or finish you choose, Lux Lampshades only uses high-quality materials to deliver gorgeous lampshades that draw attention to your home’s most beautiful features. The Lux Difference shines in our photos, but once you have your hands on a scalloped lamp shade, you can feel the difference in the quality of our products.

      Custom Scalloped Shades

      While you can pick our readily available, hand-selected scalloped lamp shades, we can also create custom-designed scalloped lamp shades.

      Select from our large selection of fabrics and lamp shade accessories to fully design your lamp shade, or send us a fabric you’d like to convert into a scalloped lamp shade. We work with skilled craftsmen to bring your design dream to life.  

      If you need expert help conceptualizing your design, we will draw on our years of experience working with designers to deliver scalloped lamp shades that brighten your space. 

      We believe changes as simple as updating a lampshade redefine a space. This philosophy guides everything we do, from lampshade construction and design to client service and installation.

      Whether you design your lampshade with pure linen or silk or include details like a bias cut trim or copper fittings, we hand-select or make all our lamp shades. When the light shows every detail, we want the Lux Lampshade difference to shine through. 

      Ride the wave of style with an elevated scalloped-style lamp shade that makes your home more charming and stylish. Lux Lampshades has you and your lamps covered in exquisite style and quality.