Empire Lamp Shades


      Empire Lamp Shades

      Like much else, lamp shades have also evolved over the years. From eclectic designs to unique materials, there is a lamp shade to match every taste. However, even as design continues to evolve, there are certain styles we always return to. Empire lamp shades is one such design.

      One of the longest enduring styles, empire lamp shades are characterized by a narrow top that flares down to a wider bottom. Maybe it’s their simple elegance that sits well with most design schemes, or it's their versatile shape that looks good in any room, but empire lamp shades have stood the test of time.

      If you are looking to elevate your space with this timeless style, the Lux collection has several empire shades for you to select from. There is nothing like spotting a design accent for your home and feeling like it’s made for you, but if you have an empire lamp shade design in mind that you don’t find here, we can create it for you through our Custom Shop.

      A Versatile Empire

      Other than their vintage appeal, another winning trait of these shades is their versatility. Empire lamp shades look beautiful on almost every light fixture and lamp style. No matter if you want a lamp shade for your floor, table, or ceiling lights, empire lamp shades light the way to exquisite results.

      The lamp shade’s adaptability makes it easy to upgrade a room’s look and feel. This transitional interior design piece elegantly toes the line between not-too-modern and not-too-traditional. Let an empire lamp shade’s design reinvigorate an older room without taking away its character.

      Decorating Rooms With Empire Lamp shades

      While your empire lamp shade’s sure to look great no matter what space it occupies, its features will be more pronounced if you intentionally plan the location of the lamp and the ambience you are trying to create.

      To maintain a visual balance, consider using the shade on a rounded and large lamp rather than a delicate lamp. Empire shades are also a great accent lighting option, and you can’t go wrong with an empire table lamp.

      While exploring lamp shade options, consider how you want to light a room. For instance, empire lamp shades pour more light downward. If you have a beautiful rug, flooring, or furniture you want to feature, consider accenting your style with the cone of light spreading out underneath an empire lamp shade.

      Beautifying Spaces With Lux Lamp shades

      At Lux, we are committed to delivering a collection of lamp shades that reflect your style and personality. Our empire lamp shades come in several different materials including silk, paper, or even bamboo.

      We have had the privilege of working on large designer projects with hotels, restaurants, and retail spaces. At the same time, we have also had the honor of delivering lamp shades for personal homes. The one commonality in all our projects has been our desire to ensure that any lamp shade you purchase from us lights up your space and your smile.

      If you’d like to create your own unique empire lamp shade, head on over to our Custom Shop. We work with skilled craftsmen to help achieve your lamp shade design dream.

      Elevate Your Lighting With Lux Lamp shades

      Whether you pick one from our hand-selected collection, or choose to design your own custom lamps, we are confident that an empire lamp shade from Lux will deliver the look and ambience you are looking for.