Pleated Lampshades


      Pleated Lampshades

      What was old is new again. This includes home décor, design, and accessories. Once a staple in English cottages, pleated lampshades are now a classic way to add modern elegance to your space.

      Knife pleat, tapered pleat, box pleat, swirl pleat, and smocked pleat — at Lux, you can find different styles of pleated lampshades crafted with elegant material ranging from silk, to paper, to linen. 

      The Resurgence of a Versatile Home Accent 

      Popular in the latter half of the 20th century, pleated lampshades have made a big comeback in interior design circles.

      The use of crisp, natural, and flowing materials such as paper, linen, and silk give our pleated lampshades a contemporary feel without taking away the classic elegance of this style.

      In addition to the materials we use to design these lampshades, the art of pleating itself adds versatility. The pleats, depending on their style and shape, can emit light in different ways making pleated lampshades a perfect fit for every room. 

      Add an edgy, contemporary look to your living space, a cozy vibe to a reading corner, or a relaxed feel to your bedroom with our pleated lampshades. 

      Pleated Lampshades for Your Unique Style 

      If you are all about fun and frolic, you may want to add our linen knife pleat shades to your home. These skirt-shaped shades look great on dressers, bar tops, living room sides tables, or your bedroom. Add a metallic or glass base and you have yourself a blend of bold style with a generous helping of fun. 

      If you are hoping to find something that is elegant without being staid and boring, consider a silk smock pleated lampshade. The diamond-like patterns that are a distinguishing feature of smocked pleats keep it classy. When you add one of our high-end silks such as dupioni, shantung, or shalini, you have yourself a unique pleated lampshade that speaks volumes without being too loud.

      On the other hand, if you enjoy a Bohemian flair, a chic printed fabric pleated lampshade paired with a sleek wood or metal base can be both grounding and aspirational.

      Whether you want to add a touch of flamboyance, keep it understated, or stay somewhere in between, you can count on pleated lampshades to reflect your style. Design and style are unique to each of us. Find a lampshade that will reflect yours with Lux.

      Hand-Selected Pleated Lampshades

      At Lux, we use our years of experience working with designers and our attention to detail to bring you pleated lampshades that offer timeless style for all the corners of your room.

      In addition to various pleating styles and materials we use, we also carry different types of shades such as empire, pyramid, and sconces. Whether you are looking for a wall sconce to light up a corridor in your home, or a table lamp to add a welcoming ambiance to your entryway, pleated lampshades from Lux will prove to be home accents that draw admiration from you and your guests. 

      At Lux, we are committed to design, craftsmanship, and customer service. Whether you prefer the classic box pleat, crisp knife pleat, or the playful swirl pleat, at Lux, you will find pleated lampshades that elevate spaces and reflect your style.