Paper Lamp Shades


      Paper Lampshades

      Paper lampshades have been around for centuries and their longevity is proof of how versatile and stylish they are. At Lux, we blend this traditional art form with modern designs and artistry to offer different shapes and styles of paper lampshades. Each of these shades is crafted to elevate the spaces you set them up in. 

      Paper Lampshades Add Flow to Your Rooms

      Paper, by nature, has a weightless, airy look. Combine this with its textured feel and you will see why paper lampshades can add a lightness to your room. If you have edgy wallpaper, or flamboyant décor pieces in your home, using paper lampshades will help draw out these elements, while also creating a comfortable, balanced look. 

      In addition to being versatile enough to blend with other décor, Lux paper lampshades are bold enough to stand out on their own. Not only do paper lampshades look breezy, but they are physically lightweight, too, making them a perfect choice for different kinds of lamps such as table lamps, wall sconces, or pendant lamps.

      While its malleable nature makes paper a great material for different shapes and styles, its fragility also makes it a less-than-easy material to work with. Our partnerships with expert craftsmen, and years of experience working with designers, enables us to hand-select paper lampshades that are a perfect balance of art and engineering. 

      Introduce Ambient Lighting to Your Space

      Another reason to love a paper lampshade is the quality of light that it throws. Its translucent nature creates a diffused light enveloping a space in soft warmth. If you are looking for light that is bright but doesn’t hurt the eye, consider a lighter color for your shade. The tapered shape of an empire lampshade also offers just the right amount of ambient lighting. 

      Woven paper, or box pleat paper lampshades are a great way to create atmospheric lighting in your space, while bringing in additional design flair. Our versatile shades are well-suited for reading nooks, study rooms, bedrooms, and even your living spaces. 

      Chic Shades From Lux

      Paper is almost as ancient as civilization itself and the trend of using paper lampshades to elevate spaces is as enduring as the stuff they are made of. It may be a humble material, but at Lux, we up-style it to create elegant and contemporary designs that will be at home in any setting. 

      Whether you are looking to lighten up a dark floor, or add lightness to wall corners, our collection of paper lampshades in different designs will meet your taste. 

      Clean, minimalist shapes that sit well against different types of wallpaper, intricately cut and folded designs that will look stunning in your living room, or classy box pleat paper lampshades that will be equally at home in your bedroom or study — at Lux, you will find paper lampshades in styles as distinct as your own individual taste. 

      Commitment to Craft

      At Lux, we believe that a lampshade — no matter how big, small, intricate, or simple it is — has the power to transform a room. A paper lampshade, because of its uncomplicated elegance, requires deep attention to detail. We work with experienced craftspeople to hand-select shades we know you’ll love to own, bask in, and flaunt! 

      Woven, pleated, or screen printed with a unique design, if there is a paper lampshade style you are looking for, you’ll find one (or many) at Lux that will speak to you.

      We have years of experience working with hotels, designers, and independent homeowners who have used our elegant paper lampshades to not only elevate, but also to inject more personality into their spaces.