Hospitality & Commercial Use

For years, Lux has been sourced in many esteemed hotel and public projects throughout the country including the Planters Inn (shown below) in Charleston and Dunmore Beach in the Bahamas. Be it choosing from our extensive collection of stocked shades or creating the custom design that fits your unique project, Lux works passionately to ensure that our shades are the perfect finishing touch to your space. Do you have a unique shade that is no longer produced by the lamp manufacturer?  We are here to help.  We design and manufacture shades with all types of fittings and we can make small quantities to meet your special needs.

lamp and shade on table between couch and chair
white empire lamp shades on table by painting
trade lamp shades
hotel lamp shade

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Custom Orders

We make custom lampshades for designers and hospitality customers.  We work with your materials or our silks, linens and papers to make stunning shades that will bring any room to life!