Silk Lamp Shades


      Silk Lamp Shades

      Soft and luxurious to touch and classy to look at — which fabric would you say we are hinting at? Yes, its silk! A fabric that can be shaped into different styles, silk is an exceptional material for lamp shades and adds richness and a touch of luxury to a space. 

      The versatility of silk lamp shades means they look good when paired with many different kinds of lamps. Bases made of glass, wood, metal, or ceramic can all shine bright when topped with a silk lamp shade.

      Silk Lamp Shades Blend Form and Function

      It may seem counterintuitive that a fabric as luxurious as silk is also very practical as a lamp shade material. However, silk's long life span means that the effort and time you put into selecting your silk lampshades will bear fruit for years. 

      When you decide to select a silk lamp shade, you open the door to more design variations. Its natural ability to mold easily means these types of shades are available in various shapes including corset, drum, pembroke, and more. 

      Silk lamp shades combine aesthetics and usability — a winning combination anywhere, but especially in interior design. 

      Lux Silk Lamp Shades

      At Lux, our focus is on curating lamp shades that exude richness. Years of experience working with accomplished interior designers has strengthened our belief that craftsmanship and luxury go hand-in-hand. 

      We hand-select our silk shades using the best dupioni, shantung, and shalini silks available. Each of these materials offers a different texture, look, and light diffusion, but the one constant they all deliver is the luxurious, opulent look and feel of silk.

      Duponi silk is slightly thicker and looks more rustic than its counterparts. This textured fabric adds personality to any room it is in. When you turn on your lamp, be prepared for the beautiful sheen you will witness on your silk lamp shade. More delicate than duponi, shatung silk had a light, flowing look and feel that is perfect for your bedroom. 

      Do you want to create an ambiance that is stylish and elegant or one that is relaxing and luxurious? At Lux, you can select different silk lamps shades depending on the mood you want to inspire. 

      Easily Elevate Your Space With Silk Lamp Shades

      Silk lamp shades are one of the easiest ways to add a sense of luxury and newness to your space. Unlike a new couch, or coat of paint, a silk lamp shade requires lower levels of time investment and planning and will serve as a decorative accent and a functional light piece. 

      You may also consider mixing and matching different styles, shapes, and colors of silk lamp shades to balance a common design with a touch of whimsical. Different shades add variety with more than just their looks. As each shade throws a different kind of light, you could choose to wash a certain section of your room in a soft glow, while accentuating a different area with more light. 

      Silk lamp shades are one of the easiest, most opulent, yet understated interior design accessories you can pick. Browse our collection to add a touch of panache to your space.