Box Pleat Paper Lamp Shade - Available in seven sizes - Lux Lamp Shades
Box Pleat Paper Lamp Shade - Available in seven sizes - Lux Lamp Shades


4" top x 8" bottom x 6" slant
5" top x 10" bottom x 7" slant
6" top x 12" bottom x 8" slant
7" top x 14" bottom x 9" slant
8" top x 16" bottom x 10" slant
9" top x 18" bottom x 11" slant
10" top x 20" bottom x 12" slant

At Lux Lamp Shades, we elevate lighting to an art form. Our box pleat paper lamp shades exemplify this commitment, blending exceptional craftsmanship with a refined, textured aesthetic that will captivate and transform the ambiance of any space.

About Our Box Pleat Paper Lamp Shades

Crafted with precision and care, our Box Pleat Paper Lamp Shades exhibit meticulous craftsmanship that adds an air of refined elegance to any lighting fixture. The distinct box pleat design, achieved through labor-intensive manufacturing techniques, infuses each shade with depth and texture that captivates the eye and enhances the visual appeal of any space. These shades possess a versatility that allows them to seamlessly complement a variety of decor styles, from classic to contemporary.

With their timeless charm and sophisticated appearance, they serve as an enduring choice for illuminating your space with style and grace. Whether adorning a bedside lamp or illuminating a cozy reading nook, the Box Pleat Paper Lamp Shades bring a touch of timeless sophistication to any room, creating a visually intriguing focal point while adding warmth and ambiance to the atmosphere.

Why Buy Lamp Shades and Accessories from Lux?

In the realm of lighting, Lux Lamp Shades stands apart, crafting pieces that surpass mere functionality to become artisanal masterworks. What sets Lux apart is our vision of lighting as an experience. We carefully curate ambiance to captivate the senses. Each handcrafted shade becomes a cherished focal point, its inviting glow a labor of artistic love.

Invest in Lux's artisanal brilliance not just for accessories but to curate immersive living spaces brimming with sophistication. Let our passionate team guide you in discovering lighting's transformative artistry.

For more information about our box pleat paper lamp shades, feel free to contact us today.


Box Pleat Paper Lamp Shade - Available in Seven Sizes

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lindsey k. (Portsmouth, RI, US)

Box Pleat Paper Lamp Shade - Available in seven sizes

Judy H. (Huntsville, AL, US)

Enjoy and appreciate the quality of the Lampshades I am able to purchase from you.

sara C. (Moran, WY, US)

Well made