Use These 5 Designer Lampshades To Brighten Your Home

When your home design has as much excitement as a Monday after a long weekend, don’t change your address, change your lampshade! Lampshades are a great way to enhance a room’s style, breathe new life into an old space, and show your personality. You don’t have to feel stuck with a humdrum design, not when Lux Lampshades has designer lampshades made with high-quality materials to brighten your home. 

The perfect lampshade doesn’t always make itself apparent at first glance. When you have so many fantastic options to choose from, how do you find the right one for you? Not to worry, we’ve got several lampshades that are excellent for adding charm and glamor to your home. Here are five designer lampshades to enliven your space.

1. Woven Empire Paper Shades

Add subtle elegance to your home with Woven Empire Paper Shades. Made of woven paper, the empire lampshade’s precise lines give any space a modern feel. The shade would look great on a table lamp next to your bed for task lighting or an end table for accent lighting.

“What are empire lampshades?” you may ask. Empire shades are some of the most traditional and popular designer lampshades. Their top diameter’s half the size of the lower diameter, and you’ll easily notice the gentle, straight slope from the top of the shade to the bottom. The slope casts most of the lamp’s light down, so use the shade in areas where you want to brighten the lower portion of a room.

If you enjoy versatile home decor, you’ll love how empire lampshades can go from traditional to modern. All you have to do is change the styling and your lampshade switches from classic to chic. No matter which you prefer, Lux Lampshades perfectly match your desired lampshade style and design.

2. Scalloped Raffia Hardback Designer Shade

Feel like you’re relaxing near the ocean whenever you look at the Scalloped Raffia Hardback Shade’s gentle waves. This lampshade’s constructed from raffia fabric and comes in the Pembroke style. Could you see this shade on a desk lamp in your home office? Perhaps it would also work well on your nightstand for a bit of reading before bed.

Scalloped lampshades have been around since the Art Deco period in the 20s and 30s. The style has experienced a resurgence, almost like a wave rolling back onto the shore. If you want to brighten your home with a designer lampshade that perfectly balances a contemporary aesthetic with classic appeal, go with scalloped shades.

3. Small 1/2 Drum Designer Shade

Made with linen, the Small Sconce Shade comes in a half-drum design that complements light fixtures superbly. This lampshade diffuses light for soft illumination in hallways, entryways, and dining rooms, to name a few spots.

Traditionally, drum shades had a rigid wire frame and stretched fabric cover. You can line their trimmed tops and bottoms with fabric if you want to brighten your home with a softer light. Drum shades are also known for their versatility, so indulge in your creativity with how you use them.

4. White Linen 4” Square Sconce Shade

Top sconces in your home with the White Linen 4” Square Sconce Shade. To give the linen shade a gorgeous finish, we sewed the corner seam and hand-rolled the material. Even though the lampshade has a square shape, the design is anything but boring!

One of the best things about designer lampshades for wall sconces is you can use them for any type of lighting. Use the sconce’s location to decide how to best light up your home. Sconces near work areas are great for task lighting, and sconces high on the wall are well-suited for ambient lighting. Hang your favorite artwork or plant near sconces for accent lighting. 

5. Black Paper With Gold Interior

Give a desk or table lamp a glow-up with the Black Paper With Gold Interior Empire Hard-Back Lamp Shade. At first glance, you may not realize the opaque black shade’s made from high-quality paper. The Lux Difference is in our attention to detail with finishing, style, and paper. The painted seams are a small touch that makes a huge impact not only on the space the shade brightens, but also on how you feel whenever you look at the shade.

You may ask yourself, “How can I add some sparkle to a room with a black lampshade?” For one, the shade’s gold interior adds a sterling pop of color. Also, black home decor pairs with cool-toned flooring, white walls, and white furniture excellently. Place this shade on a lamp in a room with lighter colors and let it shine.

Designer lampshades don’t just brighten homes, they change them. Any of these five lampshades would exceed your expectations and redefine your home.