These Lampshades Will Inspire Your Own Custom Lampshade Ideas

You love your home, and you’d love it even more if you could add a spark of excitement to your decor. Like a spark that kindles a fire, lampshades are a small interior design change that makes a vast difference in how your home looks and feels. 

However, when you are thinking of creating lampshades unique to your style and taste,  ideas can be tough to come by. At Lux, we have years of experience working with clients to craft custom lampshades that add flair to rooms and make them feel unique. 

We have short-listed a few of our own lampshades that you can use as inspiration. Don’t let too many options overwhelm you. Save time, explore ideas, and turn on the switch on those uniquely-you lampshades you’ve been dreaming of. 

A Custom Lampshade That Keeps it Natural

One of the biggest reasons you may want to add custom lampshades to your room is to create a warm, inviting ambiance, and nothing says warm and inviting like nature. 

Take inspiration from this Chipped Oval Stick Lamp Shade that lends a space a natural, warm touch, thanks to the reed material. Reed is a type of grass, and using it on your custom lampshade will add earthiness and elegance to your home. 

We also selected this classy lampshade for its shape. If you are tight on space or are looking for a lampshade that can sit on a narrower entryway table, an oval shape shade will work well for you. 

The natural color of the reed can blend in easily with your existing decor while the texture of this naturally derived material lends your space a lot of character. Using it will transform your custom lampshade from “good design” to “a work of art.” 

A Unique Lampshade With A Timeless Design

Representing one of the most enduring lampshade styles, the Gathered 16” Ikat Silk Empire custom lampshade adds a burst of color to any room with its blue, yellow, green, and white design. While beautiful enough on their own, the colors become warmer when you place the shade on a lamp and light it from underneath.

We picked this as an inspiration for your own custom lampshade because we love its crafted feel. If you are a lover of unique textiles and functional art, then you’ll love using this lampshade as a design foundation for your own. 

Not only does a beautiful lampshade add personality to your room, but it also adds more interest. For a lampshade that has the potential to become a conversation point, consider using artistic textile. For example, this Gathered 16” Ikat Silk Empire shade uses a dyeing technique called “ikat”, which means “to bind” in the Indonesian language. 

When designing your own lampshade, ask yourself, “what do I want this lampshade to say?” If one of your answers is, “Fun, panache, and art,” use the Gathered 16” Ikat Silk Empire as an inspiration.

A Custom Lampshade That Adds Drama

We love home accents that can stand on their own. The kind of designs that make us sit up and take notice. If you are like us, you may love using this Black Knife Pleat Softback Sconce as a jumping-off point for your own custom lampshade ideas.

In natural light, the lampshade catches the light and reflects it with a subtle sheen, drawing well-deserved attention without announcing itself. If you are looking to add refinement and drama to your custom lampshade, you can’t go wrong with a black knife pleated design.

For those who love hosting friends and family as much as immersing ourselves in a good book, a custom lampshade that creates a theater-like ambiance is a solid design choice. The whole idea of crafting a custom lampshade is to own your style. If your style is dramatic, share it with everyone.

A One-of-a-Kind Lampshade With a Subtle Design

If you are someone who seeks to balance form and function perfectly, then the Cain Pattern Hardback 16” Drum should be a solid inspiration for your custom lampshade. 

This elegant lampshade will brighten your room while adding visual interest with its intricate woven pattern. When you turn on the lamp, watch the light filter through the small openings for even greater visual appeal.

If you have a specific fabric you’d like to use on your lampshade, the hardback design is one of the easiest to work with.

If you like your home decor to be more classic, draw inspiration from the lampshade’s drum shape. If you’d like to keep your lampshade’s colors subdued with just a hint of subtle detail, replicate this shade’s spider-web design. Add small details that speak to you to your lampshade’s overall design.  

Unique Custom Lampshades from Lux

Add your own special signature to rooms with custom lampshades from Lux. No matter the type or scale of your design projects, we specialize in working with our customers to give shape to individual visions.

Learn more about our custom lampshade service and let’s bring your design dreams to life.