How To Use Lampshades for Chandeliers in Every Room

Chandeliers are a timeless lighting fixture and interior design classic that shows no signs of slowing down. No matter what style you want your home to have, it’s easy to use a chandelier to draw your design together for a more cohesive look. The key to nailing the design is knowing which lampshades for chandeliers work best for specific rooms. 

If you want to transform your home without the stress of a long-term project, you can install chandelier lampshades as a weekend project. Lux Lampshades has a variety of quality lampshades for chandeliers that will look absolutely stunning on this classic fixture! 

Here are some tips on using chandelier shades to make rooms in your home look and feel brand new. With insight from the pros, it’s easy to make a big statement with only a little work.

Paper Lampshades for Chandeliers in an Elevated Foyer

paper chandelier lamp shade

The foyer is one of the most common rooms to install a chandelier in. The lighting fixture is great for filling space that may otherwise go unused. Stun guests the moment they step into your abode with this woven paper chandelier shade. When lit, the design almost comes to life.

Why Should You Use Paper Lampshades for Chandeliers in a Foyer?

  • The paper material makes the chandelier look dramatic and airy when glimpsed through a window above the front door.
  • Translucent paper lampshades cast diffused light, creating the perfect ambient light source for your foyer.
  • Foyers with extravagant decor or wallpaper pop when paired with a paper lampshade’s soft texture.

Pleated Lampshades for Chandeliers in a Repurposed Kitchen

box pleat chandelier shade

If you’re like most homeowners, your kitchen is a hub for eating and entertaining, even if you have a dining room. Top your kitchen chandelier with this box pleat chandelier shade to lend your kitchen a more casual air. You can’t help but feel more elegant when sharing meals and enjoying conversions under these exquisite yet relaxed lampshades for chandeliers. 

Why Should You Use Pleated Lampshades for Chandeliers in a Kitchen?

  • Light shining through the pleats can elevate your kitchen without making it feel stuffy or dated.
  • The simple pleated design lends your kitchen an inviting sit-down feel where guests want to linger. 

Half-Drum Lampshades for Chandeliers in an Untraditional Bathroom

half drum sconce shade

While it’s uncommon to see chandeliers suspended in the bathroom, you may have one in yours. Use this small sconce lamp shade for your chandelier for a one-of-a-kind design. While made for sconces, you can line them around your chandelier to direct light up and down in your bathroom.

Why Should You Use Half-Drum Lampshades for Chandeliers in a Bathroom?

  • Half-drum lampshades create functional lighting by directing light up and down, helping you see clearly in the bathroom.
  • Drum lampshades are a great way to make a dated bathroom chandelier look more updated and fresh.

Scalloped Lampshades for Chandeliers in a Contemporary Dining Room

scalloped lamp shade for chandelier

We’re used to seeing sprawling, multi-tiered chandeliers in the dining room, but maybe you want to bring the area into the 21st century. These raffia hardback scallop lampshades deflate stuffy chandeliers and transform them into casual, contemporary fixtures. The scalloped design makes you feel as though you’re dining at the edge of a body of water every time you sit at the dining room table.

Why Should You Use Scalloped Lampshades for Chandeliers in a Dining Room?

  • Scalloped chandelier shades are great for creating ambient light for cozy dining room meals.
  • Gently rolling scallops at the bottom of the shade make dining rooms feel classy, and their symmetrical pattern anchors the space.

Silk Lampshades for Chandeliers in a Sophisticated Bedroom

silk chandelier lampshade

You read that right. Not only are chandeliers great for bedrooms, but they’re also an excellent way to add a touch of sophistication to the space. With some well-chosen beautiful lampshades, that is.

This silk chandelier lampshade with box pleating looks classy and stylish without being over the top. No matter your bedroom’s current design, the lampshade’s intricate box pleating and silk material will complement it perfectly.

Why Should You Use Silk Lampshades for Chandeliers in a Bedroom?

  • Bedrooms immediately feel more relaxed, thanks to silk’s inherent luxurious air.
  • Silk is a practical, long-lasting material that will make your bedroom feel sophisticated for many years.
No matter which room in your house has a chandelier, Lux Lampshades has a diverse selection of lampshades for chandeliers that you will love turning the light on.