"Chameleon Lampshades Case Study – Lux Lamp Shades"

We saw a void in the lampshade market — the absence of interchangeable, personalized lampshades for customers. So we did what any (good) business that sees a need in the market would do. We built a platform that empowered customers to easily create their own unique, customized shade inserts.
Our initial idea was to offer a collection of lampshade insert designs that people could select from but we realized that to deliver truly customizable lampshades, we needed to go a step further.
Now, the Chameleon Lampshades platform offers customers the option to upload their own artwork and photographs, choose from a collection of pre-made designs, or select “Color Your Own Lampshade” designs from our offerings.
Chameleon Lampshades then prints these designs on high-quality, backlit film. Slide in the insert, turn on the lamp, and voilà, a room lights up in a personalized glow!
If you are a sports fan, or know one, you will also love our custom branded sports lamp. Printed with your favorite team’s insignia, these chrome desk lamps bring energy to every space.
Excited? Let’s see how it works!


Brainchild of Design and Deliver, LLC, which owns and operates Luxlampshades.com, Chameleon Lampshades is a custom lampshade platform.
Born out of the desire to fill a gap in the lampshade market, the Chameleon Lampshades platform not only gives people the ability to create their own custom lampshades but also makes it extremely simple to do so.
Customers can select from various design options. These designs can either be the customer’s own, or selected from Chameleon’s collection.

How Does It Work?

Customers can decorate their homes or workspace with their custom lampshades in 3 simple steps.
  • Step 1: Select from 3 custom lampshade options. Upload your own photograph, create your own design, or pick a design that you’d like to color.
  • Step 2: Select the number of inserts you’d like to order
  • Step 3: Receive your customized inserts printed on high-quality, backlit film. Slide the insert into your lampshade, turn on the lamp, and bask in the glory of your creativity!

If it’s the custom branded sports lamp you are looking for, head on over to the Fanatics website and select from our offering.

Chameleon Lampshades Offers Design and Production Expertise

With years of experience working with retail and hospitality clients and designers, Chameleon Lampshades has mastered the craft of designing beautiful lampshades.
We’ve researched, tested, and perfected the production process of these custom lampshade inserts by working with numerous domestic shade manufacturers to launch this new patent-pending line.
In doing so, we not only deliver personalized lampshade inserts, but we ensure the inserts are high-quality and illuminate a space with the glow it deserves.

Give Your Customers More Designs to Choose From

People are seeking out more unique ways to decorate the spaces they spend time in. If you are a home decor retailer, adding Chameleon Lampshades’ custom inserts to your offering will expand options for your customers.



At Chameleon Lampshades, we understand lampshades inside and out. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that we’ve given thought to everything — from using these lampshade inserts to swapping them out to cleaning and storing, we’ve designed the process to be simple.
Our custom lampshade inserts fit perfectly into our shadesl and illuminate a space with a perfect glow.


  • The lamp has a 5” brushed chrome base and is 14.5” tall from the base to the socket.
  • The shade is 8” at the top, 8” at the base, and 8” tall.
  • The lamp with the shade installed is 19.25” tall.
  • A lampshade insert is 25.75 inches long and 7.75 inches tall.


To clean, easily slide the lamp inserts out from the lamp and use a clean, dry cloth to wipe down the lampshade. Slide your colored insert back in place.
When storing the extra inserts, we recommend placing them in the tube you receive with your order. The tubes offer protection and easy storage for your lampshade insert.


At Chameleon Lampshades, we are on a mission to bring your customers’ design dreams to light and we cannot do that without prioritizing quality.


Custom photo lampshade inserts are printed on backlit film. The film is 190 micron, non-curl, PET film designed specifically for backlit displays.
The material has a whiteness level of 108, which means you get excellent color gradation, vivid colors, and high image resolution for backlit viewing.
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The best thing about customizing a lampshade is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. You simply follow the direction your aesthetic takes you in. It’s for this reason that we offer customers various ways to customize their lampshades.
If you want to indulge in complete customization, you can opt for one of these two options.

Upload Your Own Photograph

Release those favorite photographs that are bound in old albums and show them some light!
Simply upload your selected photograph on the Chameleon Lampshade platform and order the number of inserts you’d like. Receive your customized lampshade insert and watch your photo take on a new glow.

Create a New Custom Design

Give your space a brand-new look without spending too much effort or time.
Select one (or a few) of our pre-selected designs and order the number of inserts you’d like. Receive your selected lampshade insert designs and swap them out as often as you’d like.
Color Your Own


Artists come in all forms and we want to encourage you to unleash your style. Select one of Chameleon lampshade’s pre-designed inserts that are made for you to color in. We offer several patterns and designs to choose from so you can find one that matches your unique style.


Currently, The Chameleon Lampshade Platform actively produces and sells customizable lampshades as a private label featuring sports-branded designs.
Just like your favorite teams, we combine form and function to light up your passion. With custom branded sports lamps from Chameleon, you will always be on the winning side.


In addition to the sports content, we have the ability to create custom content using any licensed image from Shutterstock. Because Shutterstock has millions of images the possibilities are limitless.
We have years of experience working with retailers and wholesalers. This experience combined with having perfected the design and manufacturing of these high-quality, fully-customizable lampshade inserts makes us the perfect partners for retailers who may want to offer their customers newer, exciting products.
There are several ways for retailers to include our customizable lampshade inserts in their product offerings.
  • Showcase Chameleon Lampshades’ patent-pending line of customizable lampshades on your website
  • Create your own licensed designs using Chameleon’s tried and tested manufacturing process
  • Private-label shade inserts for small and large retailers who want to develop drop-ship programs or enhance their own in-store assortment
Whichever option you select, you can be sure you and your customers will receive exceptionally high-quality lampshade inserts that exceed everyone’s expectations.


Do you have a corporate image or message you want to convey to your employees or customers? Why not create a custom lampshade insert? Because these shade inserts can easily be swapped, companies can tout motivational messages, safety reminders or sales incentives, etc.

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