Wallpaper Lampshades - Custom and Stock Options


      Wallpaper Lamp Shades - COM or Stock

      Elevate your home decor with our unique and modern lampshades created from wallpaper and other substrates. Our expertise in working with various paper patterns, repeats, and widths allows us to offer a wide range of shade sizes and types, from half drum sconces to chipped oval shades. Discover the beauty of this under appreciated art form with Lux Lampshades.

      Modern Lamp Shades, Interior Design’s Best-Kept Secret

      One of the reasons successful designers incorporate modern lamp shades into their design, is that the light from lamps has a distinctly unique character. This character washes over a room and creates an ambiance. From the textured illumination that filters out of a seagrass shade to the luxurious lighting that emanates from glass, lamp shades are one of the best-kept secrets in the world of interior design. 

      Play with different types of lighting to create an ambiance, or incorporate a collection of modern lamp shades in different shapes and sizes to create visual interest in a space. Mix and match different styles based on the area of the house that you intend to light up. Modern lamp shades designed using woven paper are great to place next to your reading chair, while seagrass shades bring comfort and softness to your bedroom. If you love to entertain and are the host for every gathering, you’ll never go wrong with the contemporary look of a knife pleat modern lamp shade.

      So go on and indulge in a little playful design upgrade without the cost and hassle. Modern lamp shades are the perfect blend of big style and low levels of commitment. 

      How to Pick a Modern Lamp Shade for Your Home

      Deciding that you should invest in high-quality modern lamp shades is the first step toward redesigning your space, but picking the right shade is equally, if not more, important. So how should you go about picking a modern lamp shade for your home?

      The first thing to consider is the room and environment you are going to use the lamp shade in. This will help you decide what kind of shape you should look for, and what color compliments the rest of your room. This may also be the time to think about the kind of material that will work best in a space. While metal and glass may look great in an urban, contemporary home, more natural materials such as seagrass and linen will be more in line with the character of a traditional home. If you are looking for a modern lamp shade that will be perfect for your bedroom, you may want to consider softer shapes and edges that inspire you to unwind and relax. 

      There are many other things such as color and shape that are equally important to consider. At Lux, our team of design experts will be glad to assist you in finding a modern lamp shade that matches your aesthetic and the space you want to redecorate. 

      Modern Lamp Shades From Lux

      At Lux, we believe in the value of thoughtful design and craftsmanship. Whether you are looking for linen, woven paper, jute string, or burlap shades, at Lux you will find modern lamp shades that surpass your expectations. We work with makers from around the world, who are as committed to the craft of lamp shades as we are. Since we hand select our lamp shades, many of the pieces you pick will be difficult to find anywhere else..

      Elegant and unique, our modern lamp shades will instantly elevate your room and lift your spirits. So whether you are planning to host a big event, or simply want to create an ambiance of luxury and relaxation for yourself, a modern lamp shade is a simple addition that will have a big impact on your space.