Lamp Accessories


      Lamp Accessories

      At Lux, we pay close attention to details. Not only will you see it in our meticulously-crafted lampshades, but you will also find it in our collection of lamp accessories. From important parts such as adjustable harps to various kinds of bulbs and finials, we stock elegant and versatile accessories to complete any lamp and shade set up.

      Whether you want to add final touches on a lampshade you may have customized with us, or give new life to an old lamp you may own, we are a one-stop shop for all your lampshade needs. Don’t worry about going to different stores to find just the right accessories when you can create the perfect look in one place.

      Make the Ordinary Extraordinary

      It’s always the small details such as the trim on a wall, or the cabinet hardware, or an especially beautiful rug that often adds zing to your interior design. They create visual intrigue, and while by themselves, they may not account for much, these details do the heavy lifting in bringing a room design together. Similarly, our lamp accessories, when paired with our lampshades, add oodles of style to your space on top of just function.

      We offer different styles of accessories that can fit well with your lamps. Whether you want to keep it simple, add a pop of style, or go flamboyant, at Lux, you can find lampshade accessories that match your style and blend easily with your home decor. 

      Combine Aesthetics and Function

      Good design is that perfect point where beauty meets utility. At Lux, we stock accessories that not only add panache to your interior design, but also bring easy functionality to your lamps. 

      We may often inherit beautiful, vintage lamps from our generous relatives and while we may love the lamps themselves, we may not be so fond of the accessories they come with. Chances are that most of them are way past their prime. Not only do they not look great, but they also take away from the functionality of your lamps. However, you don’t need to relegate these heirlooms to the storage closet. Instead, easily transform their appearance by simply replacing them with newer, well-designed, stylish accessories. 

      You can select from our collection of harps that help keep your lampshade stable, or diffusers that help reduce a harsh glare. You may also consider upping the style quotient on your lamps with our collection of finials. Whether your home is contemporary, rustic, or vintage in style, our lamp accessories are versatile enough to fit your design and unique enough to be their own style statements.

      If you’ve been considering redoing your home design, but haven’t had time to spare, changing out the accessories on your lamps is a clever way to add a dash of newness to your space. 

      Lux Accessories Promise Quality

      From drafting up thoughtful designs that pay attention to different lighting needs, to curating a lampshade selection that exude craftsmanship, to offering accessories that exhibit quality, at Lux, we are committed to good design. Our accessories come in a variety of looks, but they all carry the promise of Lux quality.