Types of Chandelier Shades and Where To Place Them

So you are considering redecorating a few rooms in your house, but aren’t sure what kind of changes you want to make. Should you go for a sweeping transformation that wows everyone, or should you take it one step at a time and make sure your design is cohesive? 

We say you can get the best of both worlds. Work with small but impactful design accents to give your room a transformational makeover without being overbearing. 

Lux Lampshades’ chandelier shades provide several stylish options to bring out what you love most about your home.

What Are Different Types of Chandelier Shades?

Lux Lampshades offers a variety of chandelier shades in different materials and designs. Shade styles and shapes we offer include:

    • Empire
    • Drum
    • Oval

Some shapes have a more contemporary feel, while others lend spaces a classic look. Learning more about each style helps you understand how each type of chandelier shade fits in your room and how you can use it to enhance a room’s existing design. Positioning a lamp shade in just the right spot also complements a space’s appeal.

Let’s break down the chandelier lamp shades we offer, then we’ll offer tips for where to place them in your home for maximum appeal.

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Empire Chandelier Shades

Empire shades have a classic tapered shape that’s flared at the bottom and narrow at the top. One of the earliest lampshade styles, empire shades enhance classic interior designs and inject structure and balance into a room. The empire shade’s design casts more light down than up, making them perfect for spaces where you want more light at ground level.

Drum Chandelier Shades

Drum shades have vertical sides and a barrel-shaped profile. We recommend chandelier shades shaped like drums to add a contemporary element to a room.

Oval Chandelier Shades

At first glance, oval and drum chandelier lamp shades look quite similar to each other. Take a closer look, though, and you’ll notice oval shades have a longer shape. The style lends itself well to traditional designs, and they highlight small column lamps and wall lights in bathrooms, hallways, and windowsills.

The Best Spots To Place Chandelier Shades

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Now you have a better idea of how to pair lampshade shapes and room styles, but what are the best places for chandeliers with lamp shades? 

Of all interior design questions, this one may be one of the most important. Where you place your design accents is just as important as the accent itself. Placing a stunning chandelier in a place that already gets a lot of light may distract from it. Or, placing it in a corner that is too big or small for it may create a sense of imbalance.

The Ambiance You Want To Create

To create the perfect ambiance with lighting, think about whether you need task lighting or ambient lighting. Task lighting brightens spaces like reading nooks, workbenches, and workstations. Adjustable chandeliers work great for task lighting because you can change the configuration to suit your needs. See what you’re doing clearly by placing lampshades on a tiered chandelier.

Ambient lighting brightens spaces rather than concentrating light on a single area. For this effect, position lampshades on a chandelier with only a few bulbs.

The Shape of the Chandelier Lampshade

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The chandelier shade’s shape also plays an essential role in deciding where to place lampshades. Think about the shape and where you’ve placed furniture items and accessories. 

For example, if the furniture in your room has softer lines, you may want to use chandelier shades that reflect your furniture’s shape. If you have more contemporary, mid-century furniture, then you may consider drum-shaped chandelier shades.

Bothersome glares make it hard to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. If you have a chandelier and TV in the same room, use lampshades to keep light from bouncing off the screen. From aesthetics to function, a few well-placed chandelier shades, make your home look elevated and warm. Rely on Lux Lampshades to match you with the perfect lampshade design, material, and style.

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