Elevate Your Living Room With These Traditional Lampshades

If you want to take your traditional design flair in the living room up a notch, all it takes is one well-chosen decorative element. You don’t need to invest thousands of dollars or a great deal of time in changing your flooring or furniture. Instead, think about your design accents.

One such simple accessory that can elevate a living room is the table lamp.

The right table lamp shade elevates your living room to exciting new heights. The spill of light around the base and beneath the shade creates warmth while showing off the shade’s design. Traditional lampshades from Lux come in a variety of fabrics and styles.

Let’s explore a few of them and discuss how the material and shape of a lampshade can have a big effect on your design aesthetic.


Material Options for Traditional Lampshades

An essential factor to remember when decorating your living room with traditional lampshades is shade material. Lampshade fabrics influence the look and feel of the lamp and the space it inhabits. So let’s explore some silk, linen, and paper shades by Lux.

Sophisticated Silk Lampshades

If you want your traditional living room to have an air of sophistication (and who doesn’t?), this square sheer silk lampshade is excellent for adding subtle elegance. Whether the lamp’s on or off, your living room looks luxurious.

If you like a bit of visual intrigue in your living room, we recommend this gathered silk lampshade. The corset design draws the eye while the meticulously folded pleats inspire second glances. Additionally, the shade’s candle clip design lets you quickly change your living room table lamp’s appearance.

Polished Paper Lampshade


What’s a lampshade material that’s inexpensive, stylish, and matches various styles? It’s paper! Paper is ideal for traditional lampshades because it’s easy to manipulate the material to fit your classic taste.

For instance, this woven paper lampshade doesn’t look like paper at first glance. Instead, the eye’s immediately drawn to the precision of the crisscrossing lines. While the shade’s design is simple, its effect is impressive.

Light Linen

Could your living room design use some refinement? Linen is a light material that evokes a sense of airiness and class. Top a table lamp with this box pleat linen lampshade and elevate your living room with a simple, beautifully effective design change. So that you have the perfect color to match your current layout, these traditional lampshades are available in various shades, such as caramel, snow, and sugar.

Shade Style Options for Traditional Lampshades


Another feature to consider when upgrading traditional lampshades is shade style. Classic styles include drum, rectangle, and empire lampshades. Some styles pair better with table lamps than others, so knowing different types helps you find the perfect shade.

Empire Shades for Task Lighting

Empire lampshades represent the classic shade shape. The tapered design spills light down and around the lamp, making these shades ideal for task or mood lighting. Also, the perfect proportions make empire shades an excellent match for any lamp base.

You’ll have no shortage of color options when selecting from these British empire stick lampshades, which come in 14 colors and seven sizes. So which color will you use to diffuse light around your living room and brighten end tables, coffee tables, or desks?

Rectangle Shades for Clean Lines


You'll feel right at home with rectangle lampshades if you love clean lines with your living room decor. Table lamps with rectangular or square bases pair well with square shades, but you can pair them with round bases for contrast.

This linen rectangle shade transforms living room table lamps into statement pieces. Made from the finest linen available, the shade’s pristine material easily enhances traditional styles.

Drum Shades for Maximum Light

While ambient lighting’s excellent for relaxation, sometimes your living room needs more functional light. In contrast to empire lampshades, drum shades cast the same amount of light up as they do down.

Make table lamps look longer with this burlap drum hardback shade. With light shining underneath, the shade’s burlap material adds visual interest to your living room while providing maximum light.

From silk and paper to drum lampshades and empire lampshades, Lux Lampshades features a quality collection of traditional lampshades to bring out the best in your living room.