Banish the Winter Gloom With These Colorful Lampshades

One of the best ways to uplift your mood in winter is to undertake a home decor project. However, these projects can get out of hand quickly! Instead of tackling an enormous task requiring a lot of time and effort, consider changing a few accents. Adding a beautiful lampshade, for instance, can give your home an extra punch of color and style. 

Check out our recommendations for the best lampshades for living rooms that turn winter’s gloom into a midsummer bloom. 

Modern Lampshade 

Combine color and contemporary style with this British Empire Stick Lampshade. It’s a great option if your interior design aesthetic leans more contemporary and vogue. This modern lampshade can elevate your mood this winter, serving up clean, modern sensibilities with style. Available in 14 colors, this stick lampshade is a great choice if you want to change out your lampshade often or if you are looking for a specific color. 

This gathered sari shade, with its summer colors, will add an element of comfort to your home. The contrasting trim is a subtle design element that gives you another reason to admire this beautiful shade and the way it captures the lamp’s light. 

Where’s the Best Spot for Modern Lampshades? 

Modern lampshades come in various styles, such as empire, rectangle, and drum. The great thing about this style is you have several options for where you can position your lamp for maximum visibility. 

For instance, drum lampshades distribute light equally above and below the shade. If you need task lighting for indoor winter hobbies, this will be the best lampshade that will look great on your study table or a reading nook. Their balanced light also makes them great for living rooms if you host gatherings at your place. 

Empire Lampshades 

No matter your decorating style, empire lampshades have a timeless, universal appeal that lends itself to every decor. The tapered design transforms the room the shade’s placed in, giving spaces a style upgrade as you bring color and warmth into your home. 

Our box pleat teal silk empire lampshade dispels the winter gloom and instantly upgrades your decor with a vibrant pop of pigment. The meticulously folded pleats create dramatic shadows on the shade, adding layers of color that will remind you of Mother Nature’s more colorful moods. 

Soften winter’s rough edges with this chromatic gathered ikat silk empire lampshade. The bombastic pattern is reminiscent of the best lampshades of yesteryear, while the delicate material is the perfect reminder of the softness of spring. 

Where’s the Best Spot for Empire Lampshades? 

Empire lampshades, with flared bottoms and cinched tops, are perfect for reading, writing, working, and similar tasks. Top them on the floor, desk, or table lamps in rooms where you curl up with a book on a chilly evening, write your holiday wish list or spend a snow day inside with movies. The spread of light pouring from the bottom of the shade provides the perfect ambient lighting for a relaxed mood. 

Chandelier Shades 

Chandeliers are the perfect light fixture for casting off winter’s melancholy mood. The elegance and class these design accents exude are enough to warm the coldest winter day and banish the heaviness of early sunsets. Our gold silk hardback chandelier lampshades elevate the effect by giving your home a golden glow like the day’s first ray of sunlight. 

Usher in early spring with these Fortuny-shirred empire chandelier lampshades. When topped on a chandelier, the shades create a play of light and shadows that transport you to a whimsical rainforest beyond winter’s influence. 

What’s the Best Way to Use Chandelier Lampshades?

For maximum utility and visibility, top chandelier shades on chandeliers hung near large mirrors. The reflection adds more light and color to your home and makes spaces feel bigger. 

Another great way to use chandelier shades during the colder months is on chandeliers hung over staircases you use often. On the stairwell, you can glance up at the chandelier and its prismatic shades and feel reinvigorated by the wash of color. 

What styles of lampshades are there?

The market is saturated with a variety of lampshade styles. Here are some of the designs you will find online. 

Pleated Lamp Shade

Pleated lampshades are some of the most popular lampshades because of their captivating blend of form and function. Their graceful folds create a play of light and shadow, infusing any space with an elegant ambiance. These shades are not just practical light diffusers; they're also exquisite decorative accents, adding texture and depth while effortlessly elevating the aesthetic appeal of any room. 

Stained Glass Lamp Shade

Stained glass lampshades are radiant works of art. Crafted with meticulous detail, they transform light into a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of colors and patterns. These shades are captivating focal points, combining functionality with sheer beauty, adding a touch of timeless elegance to any space, casting a warm and inviting glow. 

Drum Lamp Shade

Drum lampshades epitomize sleek simplicity and modern elegance. Their clean, cylindrical shape exudes timeless minimalism, effortlessly complementing various decor styles. These shades allow for versatility in design, making them a canvas for creative expression. Their understated beauty lies in their ability to provide functionality and aesthetic allure, making any space chic and inviting. 

Square and Rectangular Lamp Shade

Square and rectangular lampshades offer a contemporary twist on traditional lighting design. Their crisp, geometric lines create a sense of order and balance in any room. These shades bring a unique, structured elegance, adding a touch of modern sophistication to interiors. Their beauty lies in their ability to blend tradition with innovation seamlessly. 

Warm Up Winter With Lux Lampshades 

Beat the winter doldrums with colorful lampshades from Lux. There’s something to match every preference and design aesthetic in our curated selection of quality shades. Explore our wide collection of lampshades to find the perfect design to warm up your winter with sparks of color. We also have custom lampshades, which can be designed with your unique tastes in mind.