Considering Hibernating Indoors? Elevate Your Rooms With a Pleated Lampshade

The first sight of falling snow, the delicious aroma of soup, the long movie nights spent bundled up in bed, and the promise of a new season — there are many reasons to love winter. But if you are anything like us, your list of things to do will largely be limited to staying indoors!

If you are planning on hibernating in the warmth of your home this season, you may indulge in some redecorating, a hobby, or hosting, and what better way to add a glow to winter evenings and indoor activities than with a pleated lampshade?

Lux Lampshades has a variety of pleated lampshades in various materials and styles that are perfect for elevating your winter hibernation and transforming your home into an inviting oasis. Below are a few ideas on how to integrate pleated lampshades into your home design.

Upgrade Sconces and Chandeliers With a Knife Pleated Lampshade

black pleated chandelier shade

When it’s too cold to leave the house for brunch, game night, or a meal with friends, it’s the perfect weather for hosting at your house. Gathering around a table to share a meal and sparkling conversation with steaming cups of cocoa fills your home with warmth as you make treasured memories with loved ones.

Before sending out invitations for your first winter potluck, give your chandeliers and sconces a quick upgrade with this black knife pleat softback shade. The black fabric captures the eye as golden light spills underneath the shade for a dramatic effect. Top a dining room chandelier with the pleated lampshade to create the perfect backdrop for gatherings, or use the shades to give sconces a regal upgrade.

If you prefer lighter-colored shades, add our sugar knife pleat silk lampshade to a chandelier and let the delicate material elevate your space and time with friends. The silk instantly elevates movie nights and dinner parties into an intimate soiree.

Warm Up Your Decor With a Silk Pleated Shade

brown pleated silk lampshade

When the winter days are short and you want to stay inside, a light that softly illuminates your home in the evening can make cozy moments feel brighter. The right balance of light recreates the sun’s warm, gentle rays inside your home, making it feel like summer’s long days are back again. As you bask under the light of a pleated lampshade, you won't mind the season’s early sunsets.

This box pleat mocha silk empire lampshade adds immediate warmth to any room. When lit, the light glowing from beneath the shade is reminiscent of a sunset. Add the pleated lampshade to table, floor, or desk lamps for lighting that instantly brightens your mood and space.

If you prefer cool light, you can’t get cooler than this ice box pleat silk lampshade. While the shade’s color may remind you of winter, its light brings to mind a lazy spring day where the sun stays out past its curfew.

Heighten Ambient & Task Lighting With a Box Pleated Lampshade

pleated silk lampshade

Wintertime is perfect for discovering a new hobby or returning to an old one. From cooking and yoga to learning a new language and writing, there are various pleasurable pastimes to explore. No matter which hobby you while away winter with, proper lighting makes the experience more enjoyable.

Enhance task lighting with our box pleat paper lampshade. The stylish paper material adds perfectly proportioned light and a sense of airiness to spaces as you try a cuisine, polish the first draft, or practice yoga poses. Position the pleated lampshade on table lamps or floor lamps and let its quality craftsmanship inspire you as you discover your new favorite hobby.

Our silk pyramid spaced box pleat lampshade is ideal for desk and table lamps. The pyramid shape directs light down around you and creates great ambient lighting for relaxing with your hobby as the hours fly by like wind-driven snow.

Add a Spark of Color With an Empire Pleated Shade

Homeowners often get the itch to breathe new life into their homes with design upgrades during the winter. Finishing redecorating projects left on the back burner during the year’s warmer months can make you feel like you’re hibernating in a new home. Rather than go big, reinvigorate spaces with small-scale, transformative design elements like a pleated lampshade.

Add this box pleat teal silk empire lampshade to any room for a dynamic injection of color and style. The teal silk brings to mind a colorful spring garden or vibrant rainforest where winter’s a distant memory.

Our custom empire lampshade features an understated design that makes a splashy statement. The pleated lampshade comes in wicker light blue, rabanna red, and wicker yellow, providing various options to add a pop of color to your hibernation hub.

Hibernate in Style With Pleated Lampshades from Lux

You may never want to leave the house this winter when you have the glow of a pleated lampshade from Lux. With our expertly curated selection of lampshades, it's easy to elevate your home decor and your hibernation!