Stiffel Lampshade - 17" Shadow Box Pleat - Lux Lamp Shades
ST45 Softback Empire
Fabric: Ivory Shadow Box Pleat
Size 8” x 17” x 13”
Top Ring Finish: Brass l



Stiffel Lampshade - 17" Shadow Box Pleat

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Lampshades come in various materials, including paper, silk,
and linen, so you will always get one that really works for you. Although many
people see them as decorative items, they also play a vital functional role.
They help to redirect or diffuse the light from the bulb, ensuring maximum
effectiveness. A beautiful lampshade can help to transform your room. You can
use a Stiffel lampshade 17" shadow box pleat to update your living

About Our Stiffel Lampshade - 17" Shadow Box Pleat

Our Stiffel lampshade 17" shadow box pleat costs
$164.00, and you can pay in four interest-free installments. The ST45 Softback
Empire is made from Ivory Shadow Box Pleat fabric with a brass top ring finish.
The lampshade measures 8” x 17” x 13”. It can work perfectly in the bedroom or
living room and can complement a traditional or contemporary interior.

Why Buy Lamp Shades and Accessories from Lux?

When you shop lamp shades and accessories from Lux, you can
expect quality and reliability. We are a leading provider of custom and
replacement lampshades for commercial, residential, and private-label clients.
We can provide exactly what you need, and we strive to exceed your
expectations. We can deliver products in any shade to suit your design needs.
We believe that changing a shade can change a room. Our handmade lampshades are
of impeccable quality to show the light in every detail.

For more information about our Stiffel lampshade 17" shadow
box pleat, feel free to contact us