Stiffel Lamps and Shades


      Stiffel Lamps and Shades

      Long loved for their craftsmanship and stunning finishes, Stiffel lamps and shades have been around since the 1930s. The sheer longevity of these lamps is a testament to their importance not simply as a utilitarian or decorative piece, but an heirloom to be treasured, celebrated, and passed down generations.

      Stiffel lamps and shades are marked by aesthetic features such as smoked umber finishes and functional features such as the distinct switch that you can gently pull to turn the light on and off. However, one of the biggest clues to a genuine Stiffel lamp is its weight. Made of materials such as bronze, brass and metal, a Stiffel lamp is heavy, which adds to its stability.

      At Lux, we are as committed to craftsmanship today, as Ted Stiffel was when we founded the Stiffel Lamp Company in 1932. See our collection of Stiffel lamps and shades that will be a magnet for compliments in your home. 

      Where to Add a Stiffel Lamp and Shade

      Ground your design by adding a Stiffel floor lamp to your living room. The simplicity and solid craftsmanship of these lamps means that they will function well and look good in different parts of your home. 

      Use a pair of Stiffel floor lamps to create visual balance by your couch, or draw attention to a conversation corner by placing one next to a pair of accent chairs. Another great place for a Stiffel lamp is by the entrance foyer. Place a floor lamp by the door, or arrange a table lamp along with a few family photos on an entryway table. A Stiffel lamp along with an elegant shade will create a welcoming look that you and your guests won’t stop admiring!

      Whether your home is traditional, contemporary, luxurious, or rustic, the clean and timeless look of a Stiffel lamp will easily become a part of it.

      The Legacy of Stiffel Lamps

      Fortunate are those who received a stiffel lamp as a gift from their great-aunt or uncle! These sculptural lamps are harder to find today, so if you own one, hold on to it! While the lamps are timeless in their design and workmanship, many may not have the shades that go with it.

      At Lux, we craft shades that accentuate new and traditional Stiffel lamps. Available in different styles such as a bell shape, or drum shape, and made using different materials, each of which creates a distinct light, our Stiffel lamps and shades will add ambiance and elegance to your space.

      Stiffel lamps are a design and decor heritage. See yours in a new light without our Stiffel lamp shades. If you don’t already own one, but would like to add it to your space, Lux also offers Stiffel lamps that are lean and well-balanced. 

      Among other things, interior design is a balancing act and Stiffel lamps and shades from Lux will tilt the balance in your favor! Made using only the finest-quality materials, our lamps are designed to elevate your space while reflecting your style.