Spoonflower Products Collection


      At Lux, customization and quality should go hand-in-hand when creating focal points tailored to you. That is why we are thrilled to unveil our Spoonflower product collection – a collaborative assortment combining Lux’s artisanal production prowess with Spoonflower’s leading digitally printed sustainable textiles. Lighting that complements your style while caring for the environment is now within reach.

      About Our Spoonflower Collection

      Sustainability meets customization in our richly fabricated lampshades. Spoonflower’s digitally printed designs minimize textile waste while offering creative liberty. Combined with Lux’s tailored manufacturing approach, shades echoing your ethics and aesthetics are attainable.

      The collection includes shapes like Empire and Bell, ideal for floors, desktops, or sconces. Linen, organic cotton, and recycled polyester materials emit a lovely glow while staying gentler on the planet. For charm and sustainability effortlessly combined, our Spoonflower collaboration opens up artisanal possibilities.

      Why Choose Lux?

      At Lux, quality and service shine through our premium fabrication for heirloom-worthy showstoppers and responsible partnerships, expanding the definition of custom interior décor. Our Spoonflower collection offers the best of both.

      Choose Lux for an unparalleled lighting experience. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that each product is a beacon of style and durability. Lux stands at the forefront of design, offering a curated selection that transcends trends. We prioritize customer satisfaction, providing exemplary service from selection to installation. With a keen eye on customization, Lux allows you to personalize your lighting solutions, making every piece uniquely yours.

      If you have any inquiries about our Spoonflower products, do not hesitate to contact us today.