Pendant Light Shades


      Pendant Lamps

      Less flashy than a chandelier, but stylish enough to be the focal point of a room, a pendant lamp is a go-to interior design choice. Usually suspended with a chain or rod, these smaller, but equally attention-grabbing home fixtures are as attractive (and often more versatile) as their lavish counterparts. Lux Lampshades can even accommodate custom-made pendant lamps.

      Pendant Lamps Are at Home Anywhere

      Unlike light fixtures that are likely to feel out of place in certain spots, pendant lamps, with their stylish simplicity, look stunning in many different parts of your home.

      One of the most important things to consider while selecting a lamp is what you intend for this lamp to do. Do you want to wash a specific area of your home with light, or would you like to focus a beam of light in one spot?

      One of our favorite spots for a pendant lamp is right above a dining table or a kitchen sink, where it can throw light down onto the task at hand. From fine chopping, to artistic baking, to lighting up your family’s meal time conversations, pendant lamps create just the right kind of illumination and mood. 

      Available in different shapes and sizes, pendant lamps are equally at home in your home foyer. Using a glass or metal pendant lamp shade in this section adds a welcoming flair. If you want to give your bathroom vanity a facelift, switch out the bar light or conventional sconces with pendant lamp shades. If you have a standalone bathtub, adding a stunning pendant light fixture above it will add a flamboyant and luxurious look. 

      You can truly add a pendant lamp anywhere and see your home in a flattering new light.

      There is a Pendant Lamp To Match Your Style

      One of the reasons for the popularity of this style of lamps is the sheer versatility they offer. Whether your home is decorated in a rustic style, you have gone mid century modern, or your heart is set on vintage, there is a design that will elevate your room. Enamel, brass, metal, linen — pendant lamp shades can be crafted using different kinds of material with each adding a distinct texture to your space.

      If you find yourself gravitating toward antique stores often, then a Victorian style pendant lamp shade may be just the thing to add to your room. If you want to create a sense of modernity, a metal pendant lamp will up your style quotient. If your home is an expression in understated elegance, then our linen shades will be perfect for you. 

      Available in all types of shapes and sizes, from mini cylinders to giant domes, pendant lamp shades are as versatile as the people who use them. 

      Lux Crafted Pendant Lamps

      At Lux, we are passionate about our craft. Our years of experience partnering with hospitality and retail designers has given us important insights into hosting, celebrating, decorating, and designing. We use this experience to craft thoughtfully designed pendant lamps that are sure to grab attention. 

      A modern design or a classic flair, the softness of linen or the flamboyance of metal, at Lux, we understand that every detail of home decor adds a special touch to an overall look. It is no different for pendant lamps. From the material used to the shapes designed, you can trust that we have put a great deal of thought and experience into every pendant lamp we offer.