Light Fixtures


      Light Fixtures

      Light fixtures are to a home what seasoning is to food. A space may have some of the most beautiful “seasonings” in the form of decor and furniture, but without the right light fixtures, its flavor will be bland. Well-designed light shades and mounts are integral in bringing a space together and adding a personality that makes homeowners and guests alike say, “wow!”

      What’s the Purpose of Different Light Fixtures?

      Each area of your home is suited to a different kind of illumination that you can achieve by selecting the appropriate light fixture. 

      Your study or office, for example, will demand task lighting — lighting that will help you read or work without succumbing to eye fatigue. Use a light fixture such as a desk lamp to have light fall directly on a specific area. 

      Ambient lighting, on the other hand, creates a sense of warmth and depth and is perfect for your entryway or living room. Encourage conversation and relaxation with light fixtures that act as catalysts to create the ambience you desire. 

      Accent lighting is a great way to draw attention to certain places in your home such as a piece of artwork or unique architectural features. Light fixtures such as wall sconces and up lights create an impact without being too bright.

      The best way to think about light fixtures is to plan on mixing it up based on the different moods your home can inspire and the various everyday tasks you perform there. 

      How Do You Select a Light Fixture?

      Considering the mood you want to create is one of the basic principles of interior design, but before you invest in light fixtures, it is important to pay attention to practical aspects such as ceiling height and dimensions of a room. A chandelier may be spectacular to look at, but if your ceilings are low, or your room is small, the chandelier may look out of place there.

      Instead, if you are looking for a way to light up a smaller, narrower area, consider our flush mount light fixtures. At Lux, we carry them in different shapes and sizes so you can use them in your dining room, kitchen, living room, bedroom, hallways, and closets. These practical designs thros light downward making them ideal for different spaces. 

      Just like different seasonings create a flavor profile in a dish, mixing up different types of light fixtures will add more personality to your space. 

      Why Lux?

      We understand the power of a perfect light fixture, which is why are committed to investing in fine craftsmanship and high-quality materials. We carry light fixtures that use different materials such as linen, silk, burlap, and paper. Each piece of fabric and design is put together so that every one of our light fixtures is unique enough to express your style and versatile enough to blend with your space.

      When you invest in a light fixture from Lux, you also invest in pieces that will add flavor to your interior design and will last you for years to come.