Acrylic Diffusers - Lux Lamp Shades


Size                     Fits                        Part #
9-7/8″           10″ Diameter        ACR-RND-10NCH
11-7/8″         12″ Diameter        ACR-RND-12NCH
13-7/8″         14″ Diameter        ACR-RND-14NCH
15-7/8″         16″ Diameter        ACR-RND-16NCH
17-7/8″         18″ Diameter        ACR-RND-18NCH
19-7/8″         20″ Diameter        ACR-RND-20NCH
23-7/8″         24″ Diameter        ACR-RND-24NCH
29-7/8″         30″ Diameter        ACR-RND-30NCH
35-7/8″         36″ Diameter        ACR-RND-36NCH
39-7/8″         40″ Diameter        ACR-RND-40NCH


The 1/8″ thick round opal acrylic diffusers are sized to easily slip into the bottom of your fixture and rest on
the bottom ring

These acrylic materials can also be used as top diffusers in shorter desk, end table, floor or nightstand lamps.  If you would like a 1/4" hole drilled into the center of your diffuser to use it on the top of your shade, please note it on your purchase. 

Custom shapes and sizes available for quote.


Acrylic Diffusers

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