COM Lamp Shade Package (TWO SHADE PACKAGE)

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We will contact you before producing the shades; you can change the specifications and shape, but the fabric usage is based on the bottom diameter.  We require the same amount of fabric if you want one or two shades, so it is best to order COM shades in pairs to maximize your fabric yield!

10" top x 16" bottom x 10" slant - TWO YARDS NEEDED

11.5" top x 18" bottom x 11.5" slant - THREE YARDS NEEDED

13" top x 20" bottom x 13" slant - THREE YARDS NEEDED


We make COM (Customer's Own Material) shades 


You pick the fabric and send it to:

Lux Lampshades

1003 B Louise Avenue

Charlotte, NC 


You get two Shades with this COM package.