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At Lux, we are focused on getting you the best products. We know that top-quality lamp shades must have utility as well as aesthetic value. This is why we make our lamp shades such as the Caramel Smocked Pleat Silk - Empire – 18” with premium materials to ensure that you get the best of both.

About Our "Caramel Smocked Pleat Silk - Empire - 18"

This Caramel Smocked Pleat Silk Empire lampshade is in the dimensions of 9" top, 18" bottom, and an 11" slant. Note that the sizes provided denote the bottom or base dimension, ensuring a perfect fit for your lighting needs. Embrace the exquisite craftsmanship and style embodied in the smocked pleat design, adding a touch of sophistication to your space.

Crafted with precision, the silk fabric used in our shades boasts the highest quality dupioni, shantung, and shalini silks available. The Lux Difference becomes apparent not just in our beautifully lit pleated shade photos but also in the tactile experience of our silk shades.

Our lampshades showcase exceptional craftsmanship, employing traditional and labor-intensive techniques. The fine fabrics, 11-gauge copper fittings, sturdy backings, and meticulously folded pleats contribute to the Lux Difference. Each shade is self-trimmed with applied ¼” bands at the top and bottom, creating a harmonious blend of style, quality, and detailed craftsmanship.

Why Buy Lamp Shades and Accessories from Lux?

Lux Lamp Shades is your go-to supplier of top-quality lamp shades and accessories. You are going to love shopping for lamp shades and accessories on our website, as we have made it super easy to find any product that you are looking for. For example, our site combines the product you are looking for with the accessories that you could use with the lampshade. This in turn makes it possible for you to identify all the products that you need and seamlessly order them in one single transaction. Once you place an order with us, we guarantee that we will deliver the products to you in the agreed time frame.

For more information about our Caramel Smocked Pleat Silk - Empire – 18”, feel free to contact us today.


"Caramel Smocked Pleat Silk - Empire - 18"" – Lux Lamp Shades"

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At Lux, we recognize that dimension matters. That's why our
18'' lamp shades collection from $250 to $300 focuses on quality construction
at this popular scale suited to everything from reading lamps to grand floor

Are You Looking for 18'' Lamp Shades Ranging from $250 to

Meticulously fabricated using only premium textiles like
rich velvets or lightly patterned silks that emit a beautiful glow, our 18”
shades ranging from $250 to $300 exemplify skillful artistry despite modest
price points. With vast customization options from regal drum silhouettes to
tapered empire profiles, finding an impeccably fitted shade is simple.

Attentive customer service ensures getting the specifics
right, too. From guidance on picking complementary fabrics to conveying precise
measurements to our workshop, our goal is flawless execution. The result is
quality 18” shades that are beautiful and functional.

Why Choose Our 18'' Lamp Shades?

Enhance your lighting experience with our 18'' lamp shades
at Lux, where each detail exudes sophistication and quality. These shades are
crafted with precision to bring a perfect balance of style and functionality to
any space. The diverse range of designs ensures that each 18'' shade is
meticulously curated to suit various aesthetics, from modern chic to timeless

Lux stands as a beacon of superior craftsmanship, ensuring
that every lampshade not only illuminates your space but also becomes a
statement piece. Choose Lux for a seamless buying experience, where
transparency, varied designs, and a commitment to excellence converge in every
18'' lampshade.

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about our 18'' lamp shades, feel free to contact