Design With Lux

Are you a designer looking for custom lampshades or trade pricing on high quality, beautiful lampshades?

No matter where you fall on the style spectrum, if you are looking for a lampshade designer to partner with, Lux Lampshades is here to light up your design dream. 

We are the leading provider of replacement and custom lampshades for interior designers. We understand that the right designer lampshades have the power to bring an entire room together.

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From Planning to Execution, We Walk With You Every Step of the Way

As manufacturers of custom lampshades ourselves, we are committed to investing our time and skill in crafting beautiful designer lampshades. 

We understand that you want to not only answer, but exceed your client brief. We understand this, because we want to do the same. We start off by listening to your requirements. We add context to it by discussing the space the lampshades will occupy, the look and feel you are looking for, and the overall effect you want to deliver. 

Once we have gathered all the information, we will draw on our decades worth of experience working with accomplished interior designers. We can offer suggestions on shape, material, style, size, and more. The result will be remarkable designer lampshades that you and your clients will love.


Exceptional service and exquisite workmanship go hand in hand to make us the lampshade designer of choice for our clients. We offer different types of lampshade design partnerships that may serve you and your client well.

Trade Collection Pricing

We are a go-to resource for interior designers throughout the country, who are looking for high-quality lampshade designers to help them deliver on client projects.

How Does the Trade Collection Work?

Whether you are helping your client redo their home decor, or planning an entirely new look for an interior, you can partner with us to deliver the perfect designer lampshades for your projects. 

Simply register as an interior designer with us and receive trade pricing on lampshades.

Designer Shade Packages

We built this package to bring our lampshade customers and designers together. If you are an interior designer looking to help customers think up the best home accents for their space, this one's for you.

How Does the Designer Shade Package Work?

We invite our customers to explore this service. Once they decide to move forward, we connect them with interior designers who help our customers select the perfect designer lampshades to complement the aesthetics of their homes. 

This is a perfect opportunity for you, as an interior designer, and us, as a lampshade designer and manufacturer, to showcase the impact carefully selected and beautifully crafted lampshades can have on a space. 

You get to work with clients, our clients get to take advantage of your design sensibilities, and we get fruitful partnerships. It's a win-win for everyone.

Design Original Lampshades and Fixtures

This partnership is designed to answer your creative vision. If you are a designer, who has a specific lampshade design or lighting fixture style in mind, we can help bring that vision to light, just like we did with Emily Sturgess and her custom pendant lamps.

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How Does it Work?

It is simple, really. If you have a space that you’d like to accessorize with a unique lampshade or fixture design, then all you need to do is get in touch with us.

We have the experience of crafting custom designer lampshades that precisely reflect our clients’ vision. Having worked with hotels, interior designers, and retail designers, we understand that you bring an individualistic style to a space. We have the capability and experience to give a tangible shape to it. 

We can make designer lampshades in different styles, add carefully-selected accessories, and deliver lampshades that are sure to delight.


At Lux, we believe that details matter. Just like your interior design project relies on details to showcase the impact of your design, we know that a good design is only half the story. Flawless execution is an integral part of our designer lampshade manufacturing process. 

We pay attention to each aspect of a lampshade be that the sizing of each pleat, or the high-quality accessories we use. We have extensive experience working with clients to deliver paper lampshades, linen lampshades, silk lampshades, and more. We are skilled at working with different types of materials. Our lampshade makers craft different shapes and styles of lampshades that can easily blend in with various interior styles while also being statement pieces on their own.

Design With Lux

At Lux, we believe that a beautifully crafted designer lampshade has the power to elevate spaces. Select any of the designer packages we offer and experience the Lux difference.