Color Your Own Lampshade Kit - Choose a Design!
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  • This color your own lampshade kit is the perfect gift for kids, adults, and yourself!

  • Bring your imagination to light with Chameleon lampshade inserts that are designed to be colored!

  • Pick from a selection of patterns and designs to fill with your own artistic style.


Each Chameleon Shade kit includes:

  • Lamp with USB charger port & clear lampshade
  • One pre-printed design of your choosing
  • One blank white insert
  • Liquid chalk markers
  • LED light bulb
  • Hours of fun and enjoyment as you create your own beautiful shade!
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How to Get The Color Your Own Lampshade

  • Browse through our collection of designs above.
  • Pick a pattern or design you or your child would enjoy coloring! We offer a range of coloring levels from beginner to advanced.
  • You will receive your selected design and an additional blank insert. Color the design and use the blank insert to make your own artwork!


The lamp has a 5” brushed chrome base.  It is 14.5” tall from the base to the socket. The shade is 8” at the top x 8” at the base x 7 38” tall. The lamp and shade when placed on the lamp is 19.25” tall.  

A lampshade insert is 25.75 inches long and 7.75 inches tall.


To clean, easily slide the lamp inserts out from the lampshade and use a clean, dry cloth to wipe down the lampshade. Slide your colored insert back in place. 

When storing the extra insert, place it in the tube you receive with your order. The tubes offer protection and easy storage for your lampshade insert.


Color your own lampshade inserts are printed on backlit film. The film is 190 micron, non-curl, PET film designed specifically for backlit displays. 

The material has a whiteness level of 108, which means you get excellent color gradation, vivid colors and high image resolution for backlit viewing.

The maximum allowable bulb is 10WLED.

How to Use The Color Your Own Lampshade Kit

Additional Lampshade Inserts

Showcase Your Work with Color Your Own Lampshades

Bring Fun And Function Together

If your family has a collection of coloring books that are gathering dust, you may want to continue letting them do so! Color your own lampshade inserts and explore a new way to have fun with your art while also using it as a home accent.

Not only does a color your own lampshade makes for a great activity to do by yourself, but it's also a fun interactive activity for kids. Give them a sense of pride by displaying their handy work for all to see!

The best part? Just like a child’s imagination, the potential for changing these lamp shade inserts often is endless. Switch them out depending on an occasion, a mood, and even other decor in a room.

Give a Unique Gift

Refrigerators across the country are an indicator of how much a self-drawn piece of artwork can mean to a family. Crooked houses, funny characters, and original creations are all special to parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. 

Color your own lampshades make thoughtful gifts for everyone in your family. Simply encourage your child to color a lampshade insert they like and present it with a lamp to a grandparent. The glow on their faces will surely rival the glow from the lampshade when they turn it on.

Made Of High-Quality Material

We believe that the difference between classy and tacky home decor rests on workmanship and material.

We use high-quality, backlit film to make lampshade inserts that you can color. Not only are they a pleasure to work on, but they also look beautiful when on display. This film makes for excellent color gradation, displays vivid colors, and provides high image resolution for backlit viewing.

Coloring your own lampshade is a unique way to indulge in a creative activity by yourself, with your family, or with your friends. It is also the perfect way to truly personalize your design accents.