Why The Lux is Difference?

Being invited to partner with someone on their dream project is an honor. An honor we take extremely seriously.

When Blakely Interior Design was commissioned to design 24 guest suites for The Anchorage Inn, they sought out a partner that could match their design caliber and deliver the best work for their ocean-side boutique client. With our wide design experience and masterful craftsmanship, Lux Lampshades was a natural choice to fulfill Blakely Interior Design’s custom lampshade needs.

 Scope of Work:

  • Design brief alignment with our partners
  • Collaborative design process that involves clients’ vision and our design expertise
  • In-house manufacturing that empowers us to move from concept to approval, to manufacturing, and to shipping quickly
  • Deliverable of a bulk order of custom lampshades that match discussed design specifications


     About Blakely Interior Design

    Blakely Interior Design is a full-service interior design firm based in Rhode Island specializing in new construction, extensive renovations, and fully furnished interiors. Their mission is to create elevated environments that reflect their clients’ unique personalities and transform their everyday lives. Intriguing colors and patterns, distinctive custom elements, functional solutions, and statement-making details are the hallmarks of their work.

    A Boutique Hotel Dream Project

    Designing a boutique hotel was a well-known dream of the Blakely Interior Design Team. When The Anchorage Inn reached out about a new look for their guest suites, it was an easy project to say yes to! With coastal inspiration not far away, Blakely Interior Design was right at home conceptualizing a comfortable and modern look for the guest suites inspired by the nearby seashore.

     hotel room design

    What was the request from Lux?

    Blakely Interior Design has a well-thought-out process that helps them create beautiful interior design concepts. It was no different this time. They had a clear vision of the look they wanted to create for The Anchorage Inn. This allowed them to almost fully conceptualize the exact look of the lampshade design they wanted.

    Lux Lampshades brought their craftsmanship and design experience to the table.

    Manufacturing and Painting Process

    In order to make the custom lampshades match the dark salmon color selected by Blakely Interior Design, we first had to test the PMS color match on the linen substrate. We selected the linen that held the paint and matched the color best after drying.

    Next, we manufactured the lampshades with the selected linen and used brass fittings that matched the lighting fixtures Blakely had chosen.

    The manufactured lampshades were then painted carefully to avoid runs and drips. Painting these specific lampshades is a tedious process because you have to paint the linen and trim tape without getting any paint on the inner portion of the lampshade.

    Once painted, the lampshades were carefully stacked to dry and then wrapped and packaged to be protected during shipping.

    custom manufactured lampshades custom color lampshades 



    Lux worked with Blakely Interior Design to develop the perfect lampshade to match their design vision.

    The result was a 10” drum, salmon-colored lampshade made from hand-selected and painted linen that would perch atop modern brass fixtures. The handmade custom lampshades feature brass fittings to match the fixtures. Each shade was crafted using traditional lampshade manufacturing techniques resulting in impeccable quality that transformed the guest suites and completed the overall design.

    We combined the client’s selection of a beautiful dark-salmon color lampshade with high-quality accessories and thoughtful design details that not only matched Blakely Interior Design’s vision but elevated the feeling of fun and relaxation for guests who entered the suite.



    Why Lux Lampshades?

    For years, Lux has been sourced for custom-designed wholesale lampshades in many esteemed hotels and public projects throughout the country. Our team and warehouse are located in North Carolina and work passionately to ensure that our shades are the perfect finishing touch to your interior design.

    At Lux, we believe that the simple process of changing a lampshade - from a traditional box pleat to a contemporary drum to a textured specialty shade - can completely redefine a space. We infuse that concept into everything we do; our design, construction, client service, and installation guidance come from the knowledge that if you change a shade, you can change a room®.

    Our Philosophy & Your Vision

    Our warehouse is in North Carolina but we work with designers and manufacturing sources all over the US and abroad.

    When it comes to lampshades, there is no compromising on quality. The light within will show every detail and illuminate Lux Lampshades' commitment to quality.

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