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Lampshade Shape Options 


  • Empire, Coolie, Drum, Pembroke, Bedford, Barrel, Tapered Barrel
  • We recommend at least a 1-2" difference between top and bottom diameters.


  • Square, Rectangle, Oval, Octagon, Cut Corner (Inverted), Corset

Style / Pleat Options

  • Plain / Stretched - Softback or hardback.
  • Shirred / Gathered - The pleat width is 3cm at the top, increasing proportionally to the bottom of the shade.
  • Box Pleat - Pleating is the same as the Box Pleat, but the pleat is pinched 2/3" up from the bottom.
  • Knife Pleat - Loosely bunched sheer fabric with self trim.
  • Smocked - The pleat width is 3cm on all sizes. The distance between each of the pleats is approximately 3cm at the bottom but varies with sizes and styles.

Pamina (delft blue) by Colefax and Fowler is a silk fabric from the CF Pamina pattern book. 

  • Color: Delft Blue
  • 100% Silk
  • Ideal Lamp Shade Shape: All
  • Ideal Lamp Shade Size: x" and larger
  • Ideal Lamp Shade Pleat Style: x, y, z

Lux Lampshades has selected this fabric because the pattern and thickness works well for lampshades. If you have a different Cowtan & Tout fabric you'd like to use, contact us.

Lux Lampshades offers a concierge service to help you create the bespoke product of your design dreams. A Lux expert will reach out to you within 24 hours of purchase to work through the final details of your lampshade (shape, style, fittings and more).

Purchasing an exclusive Cowtan & Tout Custom Lampshade makes you a VIP customer. Your custom lampshade design project becomes our top priority. You can expect your completed lampshades within 6 weeks of finalizing the design.

Lux stands behinds our product. Our service and craftsmanship is unmatched. If you are not happy with your premium bespoke Cowtan & Tout lampshade, we will work with you to perfect it.


Cowtan & Tout | Pamina - Delft Blue

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