Lux Lampshades

Since 2002, Lux Lampshades has been the trusted source for both custom and ready-made lampshades, serving residential, commercial, and private-label clients with unparalleled dedication.

Driven by your vision and design needs, Lux transforms spaces with lighting that ranges from the elegantly simple to the beautifully complex. No project is too big or small; Lux is equipped to deliver with the promise of quality and customer-focused service.

The Shade Showcase
In our Shade Showcase, you'll find a handpicked selection of exclusive, rare lampshades. Each piece is unique, often representing the last of its kind, a surplus of bespoke projects, or a limited edition. Whether you prefer modern, patterned, or pleated lampshades, each design reflects our expertise and is ready to bring a personalized touch to your home. These lampshades are not just an addition to your space; they represent an opportunity to own a part of limited runs – once they’re gone, they may not return.

Why Purchase?

  • Impeccable quality and exceptional service with over two decades of satisfied customers and glowing reviews
  • Exclusive and rare lampshade designs, representing limited editions and bespoke projects
  • Swift dispatch for immediate gratification and the opportunity to own a part of limited runs
  • Each piece is selected to resonate with your unique aesthetic, ensuring a seamless connection with the perfect lampshade
The Lux Design Competition
Participate in our Lux Lampshade Design Competition and witness your creative vision come to life in homes across the nation. We invite designers and dreamers to submit their unique lampshade designs for a chance to move from concept to centerpiece in our featured collection. This is an opportunity to celebrate your creativity and see your design illuminate homes everywhere.

Why You Should Enter

  • See your design produced at no cost and featured as part of our Lux story
  • Celebrate the journey of how your idea became a reality
  • Share the creativity behind the winning design
  • Experience the joy of seeing your unique design become a beloved centerpiece in homes

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Join us on this journey of bringing luxury, comfort, and personality to your home through the simple grace of a lampshade.