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"Lori Weitzner by Lux" 


Lori Weitzner, the award-winning product designer and founder of Weitzner Limited, is pleased to announce her new partnership with Lux Lampshades, the leading provider of replacement and custom lampshades for residential and commercial designers. They have joined together to create a handmade line of contemporary lampshades designed by Weitzner, which blend some of her signature wall­coverings with Lux's handcraftmanship.

"One of the things I love about our wallcoverings, within every collection, is their texture," explains Weitzner. "With this new partnership, we can bring that texture to a new medium, light. The unique materials used on these shades emit a special light that I haven't yet truly seen in the marketplace."

The collection will be available at Donghia's flagship showroom in New York beginning September 1st and paired with some of Donghio's signature lamps to create a truly contemporary and custom feel.

The line features three of Weitzner's iconic wallcoverings, Pearla, Oracle and Aura. Each is offered in an 1 8-inch cylinder, a 1 6-inch cylinder and a 1 6. 5-inch rounded rectangle, while the Peoria is also offered in a chandelier drum shade.

PEARLA Designed to create the effect of weathered tree bark, Pearla begins with a melange of kozo and abaca pulp created by skilled artisans in the Philippines. The pulp is manipulated by hand to create dimensional grooves and ridges that run across the wallcovering panel. Once the base texture dries, the material is then hand-gilded with metallic paint, adding lustre to the rustic surface. Then, the wallcovering is manuveured and hand affixed to the shade frame and spider for a dynamic, textured lampshade that illuminated depth to any space. Available in gold, opol and silver.