Table Lamps


      Upgrade Your Lighting With Table Lamps From Lux

      From function to aesthetics to visual anchoring — table lamps do a lot of heavy lifting in room decor. To do all that work and still look elegant isn’t easy, but table lamps from Lux do just that!

      We offer table lamps in various styles, shapes, and colors so it’s easy (and more than a bit of fun) to find “The One” or several that bring a room to life.

      A table lamp is the perfect decor item to act as a room’s focal point, become a stylish accessory, or elevate a space’s mood. In addition, a table lamp is also a single-step solution for elevating spaces without a significant time investment.

      Lux has an expertly curated selection of lamps to help you pull a room together in one stylish swoop! Check out our inventory and explore the possibilities for adding a bit of Lux to your lighting.

      Upgrade Your Space With Table Lamps

      Adding a lamp is the perfect remedy if you’ve ever stepped into a room and felt something was a bit…off. Table lamps are a simple, effective way to breathe new life into a lackluster space, pull a decor scheme together, and add panache to your home or business.

      With our wide range of options and collaborations with craftspeople, we have possibilities for every preference. So whether you want a lamp to match your space’s current style or inspire a redesign project, we have something to suit your needs, style, and budget. At Lux, you’ll also find table lamps made from various materials that add instant charm and character.

      Styles & Shades For Every Taste

      Would your interior design taste be considered more classic, funky, or modern? No matter the answer, we have table lamps to match every style. And because we know how important it is to pair the right lamp with the right shade, we also have a range of lampshades for our table lamp collection.

      If you want to fill a space like a living room or bedroom with an ambient glow, choose a table lamp with a drum shade that directs light up and down. Need task lighting for work or reading? Table lamps with coolie shades, with wide bottoms and tapered tops, aim light down and around.

      Shop Table Lamps for Every Room & Decor

      Living rooms, bedside tables, offices, lobbies, hotel rooms. No space remains the same when you’re decorating with table lamps! Whether you want to brighten a dark corner in your home or add texture to your resort’s interiors, there’s a Lux table lamp sure to match your vision.

      Transforming a room with the perfect table lamp is all about careful consideration. For instance, if you want a desk or work area light, browse shorter and more compact lamps that take up less space. Your current decor can also help you find the perfect lampshade that complements your style. Lux table lamp bases and shades come in various materials, shapes, and patterns, giving you plenty of options for matching your current decor or adding a decorative element that breaks up a room’s flow in all the right ways.

      Breathe new life into your space with table lamps from Lux. With our quality lamp collection and experience in providing light fixtures and shades for residential and commercial properties worldwide, you’ll give your space a fresh look in no time.