Stiffel Lampshade 16” Deep Drum


      A lampshade can act as an extension of your personal style. Whether you have a traditional or eclectic taste, you can use lampshades to reveal your personality. Whether you choose a simple or understated design or something bold, you can find a lampshade to suit your style. Choosing the perfect lampshade can have dramatic results. It can command attention, becoming the focal point of your room. Consider the function and placement when you get the deep drum Stiffel lampshade.

      About Our Stiffel Lampshade - 16” Deep Drum

      You can get our Stiffel lampshade 16” deep drum for $135.00. The ST 136 Hardback Deep Drum measures 15" x 16" x 14" and is made from Bombay Natural shade fabric. It has a brass top-ring finish. For an extra cost, you can get add-on accessories, such as a brass adjustable harp, copper finial, and chrome adjustable harp. Other accessories, include Lucite ball finial, chrome ball finial, brass ball finial, and LED lightbulb.

      Why Buy Lamp Shades and Accessories from Lux?

      Lux believes in the transformative power of a lampshade, capable of redefining any space. We strive to produce shades that not only meet but exceed our customer's expectations. Our extensive range of high-quality products encompasses a myriad of designs to fulfill diverse requests. Lux proudly offers a signature line of products alongside the flexibility to manufacture custom and private label shades. We firmly believe that everyone deserves the luxury of exquisite shades, and as such, we have eliminated any minimum order requirements. Our commitment is to provide exceptional lighting solutions that seamlessly blend quality and customization, ensuring a touch of luxury in every space.

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