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"Change a shade, change a room"
At Lux, we believe that the simple process of changing a lampshade - from a traditional box pleat to a contemporary drum to a textured specialty shade - can completely redefine a space. We infuse that concept into everything we do; our design, construction, client service and installation guidance comes from the knowledge that if you change a shade, you can change a room.
As such, we have long-enjoyed the partnership and trust of many top residential and hospitality designers across the globe. With each project, be it residential or hospitality, we listen to the client's needs and help create his or her vision, and even provide guidance and education where appropriate. We consider the type of light a particular material will produce, the different character that various light bulbs can bring to a space or the understanding of finials and harps and how they impact the finished product.
As this dedication to collaboration and product construction is paramount to our business, we have celebrated our new partnership with design innovator Lori Weitzner. Her devotion to her craft is inspiring and we look forward to seeing more projects using her luxurious lampshades. As you can see from some of these samples, her designs can add an entirely new dynamic to any space. To see additional examples of our products in setting, please call (704) 376-6213.